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The world Shen Chi Do association has launched the first Shen Chi Do book It includes from white to black belt syllabus and the brief S.C.D history

Founder President Professor
Grand Master Shener Dervish


Shen Chi Do

Shen Chi Do is a martial arts discipline created by Professor Grand Master Shener Dervish in 1979. Shen Chi Do is the result of extensive training and research into a number of martial disciplines by Professor Grand Master Shen.

After a decade and a half of training in various martial arts, plus a number of other disciplines Professor Grand Master Shen decided that the best way forward for him was to put all his cumulative knowledge of the martial arts together to build Shen Chi Do.

Shen Chi Do is structured and taught in a manner that will greatly enhance the physical, mental and spiritual aspirations of students who are sincere and thorough in its study.


What are the principles of Shen Chi Do?

Shen Chi Do principles are through its honest and dedicated pursuit. Its students may develop the qualities of righteousness, benevolence, propriety and indomitable spirit and wisdom.

What Makes Shen Chi Do different from other styles?

Very noticeable is the approach taken by the founder, Prof. Grand Master Shen of which is passed on to his most senior students.

The dogmatic and military type of system adopted by some martial art schools is not part of the structure within Shen Chi Do.

Not subscribing to the somewhat generally accepted view amongst many martial arts schools that tournaments and competitions are the most important element worth striving for, although we acknowledge the benefits gained form this, it does not take priority over personal development and the ability of self control.

Shen Chi Do is concerned with the promotion of the whole unit and not just component parts. That is why its members are not looked upon just as individuals, but as the very important links, which sustain the chain. 

Without the strength of the links, there can be no chain.


Who is Professor Grand Master Shen?

Prof. Grand Master Shen is the first Turkish man in history to create his own martial technique. As founder and President of Shen Chi Do, he has acquired skills and lived an extremely varied lifestyle studying martial arts in both Korea and the UK.  He originally was in the Cyprus National Gymnastics Team then decided to take Martial Arts as an additional hobby. He studied four different Martial Arts between 1965 and 1979 and this is the man that sliced cucumbers on necks and stomachs, and kicks apples off knives, blindfolded.

He has trained with Master Kim (since deceased) who only taught his unbelievable and untouchable techniques to Prof. Grand Master Shen although Prof. Grand Master Shen had the opportunity to train in South Korea with different Masters. It took him 25 years to become a master of the samurai sword and he says he is still learning. One of the noticeable reasons that makes the Shen Chi Do different from other styles is that the Founder, Professor Grand Master Shen is approachable to all students. This quality he instills into his senior students, so they too are approachable.

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What is Shen Chi Do?  

What does Shen Chi Do mean?

"Shen" is the name of the founder

"Chi" means internal strength, as in Chi energy from within

"Do" means path or way as in of

Put together, Shen Chi Do means "The Way of Shen's Awakening Strength"

  Prof Grand Master Shen demonstrating breaking glass milk bottle

What can Shen Chi Do do for me?

Self Defence

As a martial art Shen Chi Do has techniques, which could save one in a life threatening position. Unfortunately the world is not as safe as we all wish for it to be. Students are taught to use Shen Chi Do only for self-defence and the association is very strict with this rule. The techniques taught are very effective when performed with contact. As most martial arts students are taught to be humble and secure through the practice.


Who said life was always perfect? In day-to-day life we meet obstacles that can be very frustrating and we all have different pressures. Shen Chi Do is a medicine to this. Training in Shen Chi Do exerts energy and frustration is released. [Note: The release of a persons frustration should only be taken out on pads and not on a fellow member. Training sessions are strictly controlled and safe]. After a hard training session one feels more relaxed and humbled allowing the mind to think clearly and deal with the everyday pressures of life instead of snapping at others, carrying a negative attitude or simply releasing bad energy in the wrong ways. Shen Chi Do is a form of channeling energy, which results in a more humble and disciplined nature.

Self Discovery

Each lesson can bring a new obstacle. Once passed one has discovered and is then ready for the next challenge. The students must be patient and when ready is then shown more advanced motions. Without the basic, the advanced has no foundation. Once the student learns the advanced he or she realises they have achieved something not only physically but also mentally. This achievement results in self-belief and heightened confidence thus giving the students motive to continue learning.

1989 individual and overall championship won by Shen Chi Do members
Two students of Master Shensoy 1st place
S.C.D Seminar training
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